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~ Wedding Dresses ~

Lets face it ladies, paying out hundreds of dollars, sometimes even a few thousand or more for a dress that you will only wear once, can be a hard pill to swallow.  For all you lovely brides that would prefer not to put forth any of your wedding budget towards a wedding dress then this may be for you !  At the moment I have 7 beautiful wedding dresses.  2 Of them are used ( mine is included in the line up.....I would wear it every day if I could 😀  ), 2 of them are short....and all of them are gorgeous.  I'm in the process of making several crinoline dresses for gals who want to be a little different.  If you book your wedding celebration with The Painted Window and the big day is approaching and you are still without a dress, you are welcome to wear one of our dresses.  You simply pay for the alterations and the cleaning.  I have a great seamstress with very reasonable rates if you already have your dress but it doesn't quite fit you properly.   I can also embellish your dress with Swarovski Crystals if you wish.  There will not be a charge for this, but a donation to my to rescue would be greatly appreciated.   I also sparkle up shoes, purses. and bridesmaids dresses too.  I'm all about the glitter. 

( More pictures to be added )

~ Welcome Gifts ~

     Some of our packages include welcome gifts for your guests.  However if you choose a package that does not include any welcome gifts and you so desire them, we can work something out.  The Key To My Heart make really fun key chains...and I have some sweet key rings.  In some cases I can also secure your vows into the panes of your personalized Painted Window, a beautiful keepsake to display in your home.....( pictures soon. )  The pictures below do not do these goodies justice.  You really need to see them in person to see how beautiful they actually are.